Meditation through imagination

for creativity, joy, insight, & sleep

The core of many meditation practices is gently redirecting your thoughts in a loving, non‑judgmental way.
Why not redirect towards something fun and creative?

Imaginarie will take your mind to beautiful places, setting the scene for you to surprise yourself with your own powerful imagination.

Imaginarie screenshot of the text of the Lighthouse card
“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Fall asleep to beautiful, restful scenes instead of tomorrow’s to-do list.
Become a more creative problem-solver & learn about yourself by activating your imagination.
De-stress & lift your mood by taking a few minutes away from the real world.
Improve your mental & physical health with the power of positive thinking.
“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein


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Read or listen to our guided meditations in as little as a couple minutes so you can easily fit them into your day.
100+ easy imagination cards for different moods and situations, like practicing gratitude, facing a challenge, and finding inspiration.
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Daily Cards make sure you start your day energized and upbeat, get the insight or mood lift you need during the day, and end the night with a peaceful transition to good dreams.
Go deeper with playlists, our curated collections of cards on different themes.
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No ads and 80% of the content is always free. An affordable subscription unlocks the full library.
"Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open."
Katherine Paterson


A mid-day mental vacation!

I absolutely love this app! It is a great little “getaway” for my mind when I need a break during the day! Being guided through the imagery with pleasant sounds in the background help to paint a picture in my mind as I travel to different settings with the narrator. It definitely helps to lift my mood and reset my mind like a mini vacation! The nighttime readings calm my mind and sets me up for a good nights rest. Two thumbs up for this very fun and meditative app!

K. LLata
Not just another guided meditation app

This is not just another guided meditation app. Imaginarie offers an intelligent and creative way to tap into your imagination and subconscious. Each card is packed with powerful imagery to quickly immerse yourself in a dreamscape. With text and audio versions you can use it anytime and however you prefer. Both the content and design are beautifully put together.

Joe C.
Great tool to add to your meditation practice

This is a really great tool to add to your meditation practice. I typically practice mindfulness, but I have been wanting to add more "love and kindness" type meditation; this app is great for that. I was really surprised how "real" my own imagination could be while meditating. I think because my typical practice has me focused on whatever I'm experiencing at the moment, and not trying to influence it, I never really realized I could conjure up such vivid scenery and emotions. This is a very interesting concept done well. The cards are short enough to skim through and put the phone down, or if you prefer the cards are narrated. The narrations are well paced and well produced. The app itself is simple and well designed without extraneous features like timers and awards; which I appreciate since a lot of meditation apps are bloated, gamified, notification machines =P

James T.
Timing couldn’t be better!

Thank goodness for this app, couldn’t be better timing. This is giving me a boost in my mental well-being through the day. Love the playful two minute meditations. Even my grand children are enjoying it. Thanks!

Mrs Crumpet
Novel meditation method that works

I’ve tried the Headspace app and it didn’t work to help me get into a meditative state but Imaginarie does by combining sound and narration to really help me imagine different environments so I can begin my meditation. Love the app and much cheaper than Headspace.

Max T85
“Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worthwhile.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Our Story

We started Imaginarie because we believe that imagination can be a powerful force for good in our lives. The benefits of creativity, positive thinking, and meditation are well-known to most of us, but how often do we give ourselves time to practice all three? The cards let you do just that—in a “no-pressure” way that’s fun and surprising.

We’re a mother-daughter team who still can’t get over how much we like working together. Mindy is a certified hypnotherapist who has been guiding clients, friends, and family into the depths of their imagination for over 25 years. Elena is a software engineer and designer who previously worked at Google solving user issues using empathy, research, and communication.

These cards were inspired by Mindy’s experiences with clients, as well as other imagery products— notably Valarie Wells’ “The Joy of Visualization: 75 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Life.” The Well card is a tribute to her.

We hope that by using the cards you’ll connect with your own creativity, and think kinder, happier thoughts based on the belief that you are loved, lovable and loving.

- Mindy & Elena