A word for the new year

January 1, 2021
3, 2, 1 written in stones and sea glass

I began the day walking by my plants, thinking of New Year’s intentions. Resolutions were out, I heard. They’re too hard, too guilt-provoking. It’s too easy to lose the resolution game. Intentions are more positive and embrace the idea that change isn’t easy, and the important part is to keep trying.

I read a few ideas the night before. They were all good—be more grateful, rest more, meditate every day.

But the simple thought that I had as I walked by my plants was that I should feed them more. I have the plant food, it’s in the garage. I need to be intentional, though, about finding the food and using it.

This led me to the word “nourish” and related thoughts…

I can nourish my relationships with kind words, more phone calls, more listening.

I can nourish my mind with inspirational reading, movies, and music.

I can nourish my body with better foods by being more mindful in my shopping and preparing.

I can nourish others with the soups I like to make.

I can nourish my soul by calming my thoughts and remembering who I truly want to be—a joyful, less anxious, giving, kind, and lighthearted friend to all.

Nourish... An easy word to remember. I think I can do this! 

What are your intentions for the new year? Can you sum them up with one word? We suggest taking a few moments to relax and let inspired words that are meaningful to you pop into your mind. Our Seashore card is a great way to do this.

We would love to hear your word for 2021. Happy New Year! 💕


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